Mar 19, 2009

Character Design nightmare

This week's character design assignment was another 2 character sheets, one with a character that is entirely angular and asymmetrical but appealing, and another character, symmetrical and made entirely of organic rounded lines, but unappealing.

My angular character was 'almost there' and my organic character got it. Hooray!
I'm not going to post my angular character thumbnail but if you need to see it (you don't) it's here.

Combined tarantula, scorpion, crab, and venus flytrap + nasty boobs/eggs on crotch to get a horrible nightmare crab mom effect.


My animation is all at my youtube page, but I'll embed some for the sake of having it here:

This video is also linked at a few blogs which amazes me:

And some other youtube stuff I have created:

(I told Genndy Tartakovsky to look this up on youtube when he visited RISD, am I a big nerd, or the biggest nerd?)

Mar 12, 2009

Character Design this week

This week's assignment was to design two characters that represent a trait that you admire in others and a trait that you don't. Some guidelines were flat color, animation-friendly (simple), and meaning through form rather than acting or props. I chose 'perceptive' and 'violent'.

Mar 10, 2009

Character Design this year

For Character Animation with Dan Sousa:

For Character Creation with Shanth Enjeti:

Assignment: Best character design you can come up with in a week

Second assignment: Your best and worst traits (patient and judgmental)

Where are they now?

Stuff from this year, in chronological order from oldest to newest.

And some Wintersession stuff, in Nupastel with some Winsor Newton and vine charcoal

(life drawing, 3 1/2 hours)

The Tenth - Graphic Novel chapter

This was my Sophomore year wintersession project, the first ten or most significant/explanatory ten pages of a graphic novel.

India ink on Bristol board.

Based very loosely on the Kalki Purana, a Hindu religious text.

A couple of sophomore year things

A blast from last year

Each Uisge, Scottish Water Demon - Photoshop

Headphones - Photoshop

Paint and whatever else we could find within the apartment (stickers, metal, marbles, glitter, glow in the dark stars, a toothbrush, plastic flowers) (collaboration with Ashley Z)

Freshman year creations

Freshman year is always fun

Scarab beetle - Brass wire

Rocky Coast - Prismacolor markers and colored pencils on a file folder

Interior Space - Graphite

Cigs - Prismacolor and Micron

O Brave New World Box - Magazines and modge podge

And now, some older sketchbook stuff

Prismacolors and Microns

Some paintings



Mar 8, 2009

Hello internet

Here's my blog, for the world to see, finally. Hopefully someday I'll be able to afford a website but until then, enjoy.