Jul 10, 2012

Catching up with my sketchbook posting

I finished a sketchbook up, and began a new one. Most of it is Aztec stuff and Cupcake Captive with some random stuff here and there.
Old sketchbook stuff:
Cupcake Captive. Still messing around with faces and hair and whatnot.

Misc. Aztec sketches. A kid bored during a class, a woman grinding corn, Moctezuma performing a sacrifice, etc.

Sketches of Cortes and Malintzin, his young native translator who later bears him children.

Gladiator sacrifice.

New sketchbook stuff:
Cupcake Captive. Some racy outfits, some archery. I didn't realize that archery was becoming the new Thing of the summer when I made her an occasional archer.

Misc. Aztec stuff. More ceremonial Moctezuma, more Spanish guys, some random people including a really ugly lady.

Misc. stuff that I drew around Central Park, Bushwick, Grant's Farm in St Louis, etc.

This was for my friend Lissa's birthday.