Mar 12, 2011

What's goin' on

I've been working on season 2 of Ugly Americans at Augenblick Studios lately, after getting the chance to work on season 1B last year. The new episodes will air on Comedy Central in June. YOU should consider watching, the new episodes are already shaping up to be pretty crazy.

In my non-employed time I've been working on some personal projects, including my Aztec graphic novel and another smaller comic project that is, for the time being, called Cupcake Captive, about a pornstar who decides to become a samurai.

Here's some Cupcake Captive stuff.

I'm hoping that Cupcake Captive gets me warmed up for my Aztec project, which is going to include a larger cast of main characters now instead of focusing only on the twins. They're still in there though.

The twins, around the time of the main plot and younger.

Here are some secondary and main cast characters. At the top left there's some deity impersonators, and the guys with feathers on their heads are musicians. Bottom left is two different possibilities for Malinche, Cortes' translator and mistress.

And some characters who might eventually be specific people but right now are mostly just miscellaneous possibilities, except for the guy with the beard, who might eventually be Bernal Diaz, one of Cortes' conquistadors who wrote an eyewitness account of the invasion. The guys with all the padding are ball players, who I'm planning on making pretty similar to high school football jocks. There's a weirdly analogous aspect to the Aztec ballgames and high school football, with the prep school competing against the 'public' school.

And here are just some people from the subway. Note that most of them are turned away from me. That's because I'm creepy and only draw people when they aren't watching me.