Dec 15, 2011

It's Callie and Mark

Callie looked weird alone, so I drew Mark in there. They belong together. Also, mo' color.


Oct 9, 2011

Sketchbook stuff: Aztecs, Cupcake Captive, zoo animals

Many Aztec miscellaneous things. Mostly faces. Some of these people are just random citizens, others are main character ideas. Moctezuma is in there, as well as one Spanish guy, some hand gestures for Cortes' translator Malintzin, and so on.

Cupcake Captive costumes and character designs. There were going to be ninjas who were misused porn stars, but I'm not sure they're going to fit into the story anymore. It's also kind of a cheesy idea.

And some animals around the St. Louis Zoo

Sep 28, 2011

Sketchbook stuff coming soon

I did a big sketchbook scan this evening and have a lot of Cupcake Captive and Aztec stuff to post, but for now, here's some subway/subway-inspired people:

Sep 26, 2011

Even more Ugly Americans: 'Wail Street' storyboards

I only did storyboard revision for this episode, and the shots were ultimately replaced by Mark's Life Improve-matorium fantasy. Originally, Mark was going to be tempted by a perfect suburban family life with Callie, but it made sense to replace it with something a little less intimate, in the grand scheme of the show. But it was also adorable, I didn't want to let the designs of the little Mark and Callie kiddies die, so here they are.

Also, I had a great time in Ottawa at the Animation Festival with the Augenblick crew, and it was great seeing old friends again. See you around NYC or next year in Ottawa, everyone!

Jul 19, 2011

More Ugly Americans

Several more animatic stills from Ugly Americans episode 'Ride Me to Hell'.

It kind of got lost in the editing process but Twayne was supposed to be REALLY drunk.

"Here's to the ladies!"

And then the rest of my work for the week got chopped out. Callie leaves the party and calls Mark to voice her worries over replacing her dad and 'taking the snake'. Mark is in Hollywood, in Heather Locklear's dressing room, getting ready to perform in Grimes' "ending" as Jimmy.

Callie calls Mark from the coatroom.

Mark picks up in L.A.

"Tomorrow I'm gonna have to swallow a giant snake, which is gonna totally suck."

Mark tries to encourage Callie, but the conversation is cut short by Grimes.

Jul 18, 2011

Ugly Americans Animatics

Storyboard/Animatics from Ugly Americans episode 'Ride Me to Hell'

Mark encourages Callie about her presentation.

Cut. "Go play that game of catch that I never could."

"While I was touching my penis just now, you were touching my heart."

Randall's boxed in as a porno director.

Originally Callie made an angry exit.

And then Randall tenderly held Mark.

Aldermach gets ready to show Callie what taking over for him as CEO of Hell entails. This entire sequence was supposed to be a parody of a scene in Poltergeist II where Craig T. Nelson coughs up some kind of worm monster.

More Poltergeist II inspiration.

More Poltergeist II.

Aldermach shrinks when he coughs up the demon snake.

"To replace me you're gonna have to swallow this thing."

Driving to L.A. (also known as Hell apparently). A rare background design of mine.

Cut: A moment of pure disdain for the common hipster in downtown L.A. Another background design of mine, but it was not to be.

You can see my thumbnails in a couple of the images. Ohhh welllll.
More to come soon.

Mar 12, 2011

What's goin' on

I've been working on season 2 of Ugly Americans at Augenblick Studios lately, after getting the chance to work on season 1B last year. The new episodes will air on Comedy Central in June. YOU should consider watching, the new episodes are already shaping up to be pretty crazy.

In my non-employed time I've been working on some personal projects, including my Aztec graphic novel and another smaller comic project that is, for the time being, called Cupcake Captive, about a pornstar who decides to become a samurai.

Here's some Cupcake Captive stuff.

I'm hoping that Cupcake Captive gets me warmed up for my Aztec project, which is going to include a larger cast of main characters now instead of focusing only on the twins. They're still in there though.

The twins, around the time of the main plot and younger.

Here are some secondary and main cast characters. At the top left there's some deity impersonators, and the guys with feathers on their heads are musicians. Bottom left is two different possibilities for Malinche, Cortes' translator and mistress.

And some characters who might eventually be specific people but right now are mostly just miscellaneous possibilities, except for the guy with the beard, who might eventually be Bernal Diaz, one of Cortes' conquistadors who wrote an eyewitness account of the invasion. The guys with all the padding are ball players, who I'm planning on making pretty similar to high school football jocks. There's a weirdly analogous aspect to the Aztec ballgames and high school football, with the prep school competing against the 'public' school.

And here are just some people from the subway. Note that most of them are turned away from me. That's because I'm creepy and only draw people when they aren't watching me.