May 19, 2009

It's the end of the schoolyear

And what have I done with my life?


Process stuff for my character design final.

First sketch

More sketching

Still more, with some outlines now

And then a lighting test

And then I decided my digital inking was crap so I did it in pen

And then I colored it. Hopefully I'll color it in real media. . . . someday

May 15, 2009

Studio Internships

I've been offered internships at both Augenblick Studios and Clambake Animation for the summer, and I'm in the process of nailing both down.

It may be a lot to take on but hopefully I'll manage it.

May 8, 2009

Some sketchbook work

Some sketchbook stuff

Roger Williams Zoo, Providence

Sketches of that protagonist from a week ago


More character design

More protagonist/antagonist work.

Protagonist based on Black Hmong culture mostly. Antagonist on nothing in particular. Kind of wanted to reinterpret a ghost but that's about it.