Jul 19, 2011

More Ugly Americans

Several more animatic stills from Ugly Americans episode 'Ride Me to Hell'.

It kind of got lost in the editing process but Twayne was supposed to be REALLY drunk.

"Here's to the ladies!"

And then the rest of my work for the week got chopped out. Callie leaves the party and calls Mark to voice her worries over replacing her dad and 'taking the snake'. Mark is in Hollywood, in Heather Locklear's dressing room, getting ready to perform in Grimes' "ending" as Jimmy.

Callie calls Mark from the coatroom.

Mark picks up in L.A.

"Tomorrow I'm gonna have to swallow a giant snake, which is gonna totally suck."

Mark tries to encourage Callie, but the conversation is cut short by Grimes.

Jul 18, 2011

Ugly Americans Animatics

Storyboard/Animatics from Ugly Americans episode 'Ride Me to Hell'

Mark encourages Callie about her presentation.

Cut. "Go play that game of catch that I never could."

"While I was touching my penis just now, you were touching my heart."

Randall's boxed in as a porno director.

Originally Callie made an angry exit.

And then Randall tenderly held Mark.

Aldermach gets ready to show Callie what taking over for him as CEO of Hell entails. This entire sequence was supposed to be a parody of a scene in Poltergeist II where Craig T. Nelson coughs up some kind of worm monster.

More Poltergeist II inspiration.

More Poltergeist II.

Aldermach shrinks when he coughs up the demon snake.

"To replace me you're gonna have to swallow this thing."

Driving to L.A. (also known as Hell apparently). A rare background design of mine.

Cut: A moment of pure disdain for the common hipster in downtown L.A. Another background design of mine, but it was not to be.

You can see my thumbnails in a couple of the images. Ohhh welllll.
More to come soon.