Aug 9, 2010

Degree project, summertime, and beyond

I have not updated my blog in a long time. When I said a trailer for my degree project was coming soon, I lied. Straight up.

But good things are happening. I survived the rest of the year at RISD, finished my degree project a week late, and went on to have a super time at the FAV Senior Show.

I have to hide behind Tara's wonder.

And then I graduated, hallelujah.

And I was lucky enough to immediately start work at Augenblick Studios after graduating, mostly as a storyboard revisionist but I had fun picking up extra background and prop work. I'm happily starting up again, in a new position, in about a week.

'In the Beginning' was also selected to screen in this year's Animation Block Party! It was a huge honor to be in a festival with so many talented artists and amazing submissions, and it will ease the pain of my rejection from Ottawa. Congratulations to Barbara for winning best student piece!! I had to edit this post because I forgot to add that a couple of very very kind people have also been nice enough to mention 'In the Beginning' in their blogs and write-ups of the festival. Adam Ansorge has a nice rundown of the festival, and Chris Robadue saw it at the RISD FAV Senior Show, and had some excellent things to say about other projects in the Senior Show as well.

Guess what? I took a 3D CGI class last fall.

It was pretty painful.

A project from Digital Illustration, and an advertisement for the catering company that my mom and her friend run, all in one. 2 different business card/postcard options. If you need something catered around St. Louis, MO, now you know where to go.

Some 'In the Beginning' stuff.

And I did this as a preliminary thing for album art for the Walk-It-Offs, but it won't make the final cut.

That's all for now, homiez.


  1. Thanks babay

    I loooove those postcards, I would totally eat your mom's food *_*

  2. I love this...You're movin' on up ^_^ GOT A JOB AND SHHHHTUF. You inspire me <3

  3. Great sketches from your pre-viz work on 'In The Beginning' there! Have you submitted any work to upcoming festivals in the Fall season? Major congrats on the new job as well, that is so awesome! Do you start it this week?

    Hope you keep the blog up so we can follow what you are working on!
    ~ Chris

  4. 在莫非定律中有項笨蛋定律:「一個組織中的笨蛋,恆大於等於三分之二。」..................................................

  5. 上班好累哦,看看部落格轉換心情~~~先謝謝啦!!............................................................

  6. Hi Katie!

    What's the latest and greatest with your projects and creative pursuits? :) Curious what ideas you have been kicking around and where your talents have taken you next! Keep up all your hard work!

    ~ Chris