Jul 19, 2011

More Ugly Americans

Several more animatic stills from Ugly Americans episode 'Ride Me to Hell'.

It kind of got lost in the editing process but Twayne was supposed to be REALLY drunk.

"Here's to the ladies!"

And then the rest of my work for the week got chopped out. Callie leaves the party and calls Mark to voice her worries over replacing her dad and 'taking the snake'. Mark is in Hollywood, in Heather Locklear's dressing room, getting ready to perform in Grimes' "ending" as Jimmy.

Callie calls Mark from the coatroom.

Mark picks up in L.A.

"Tomorrow I'm gonna have to swallow a giant snake, which is gonna totally suck."

Mark tries to encourage Callie, but the conversation is cut short by Grimes.


  1. Too awesome. Do you do all the animatic stuff in photoshop? Are you the only person working on animatics?